CS for Social Change

Brown's first official student group focusing on the intersection of computer science and social impact.

About Us

CS for Social Change is a student initiative at Brown University focused on providing a platform where students from STEM and non-STEM fields can come together to create an interdisciplinary dialogue about the societal impacts of technology, provide students with resources to begin their own social impact initiatives, and empower students to leverage technology for social good by facilitating collaborations between students and outside partners. Our mission is to promote dialogue and action within the intersection of technology and social good.


We aim to provide students the experience of a technical internship within the framework of a class. CS for Social Change Studio is a 15-week course where students can work directly with a social good venture or non-profit in order to gain real-world experience working on a social impact project. The class aims to encourage students to leverage technology for social good by inspiring action, facilitating collaboration, and forging pathways towards global change. Additionally, we want to give our partners the ability to leverage the technical ability of qualified students without concerns over compensation.

Teams of 3-4 students, generally within their 3rd-4th undergraduate year, will work directly with project mentors from non-profits and social impact ventures in order to help bring a project to completion. The course is pass/fail and a student’s success in the course will be dependent on feedback from project mentors on their performance.

The Team

  • President - Nikita Ramoji
  • Vice President - Vandhana Ravi
  • Secretary - Karen Tu
  • Head of Brand - Jina Yoon
  • Co-head of Brand - Iris Lee
  • External Outreach Coordinator - Moie Uesugi
  • Internal Outreach Coordinator - Elaine Jiang

Get Involved

Contact us to propose a project, join our team, or just say hello!